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Japanese workshop

by Japanese

in the Netherlands

About us

Japanse vlag

We immigrated from Japan, fascinated by the calm atmosphere of the Netherlands and the kindness of the people.

We hold various Japanese culture workshops to make Japan feel closer and to connect Japan with the Netherlands and the world.


The Japanese calligraphy class that started in the Netherlands is now attended by many people from all over the world.

Calligraphy is full of the splendor of Japanese culture.

It contains the soul of Zen, such as paying attention to details by writing each stroke carefully, taking the time to be mindful, like meditation, learning the importance of treating things carefully.


It brought us great joy to start teaching calligraphy in the Netherlands.

When a Dutch student of ours traveled to Guatemala (South America), she wanted to give something to the children of the inn where she stayed.

Therefore, she decided to write the name of the accommodation "Ushi no Ie" (House of the Cow) together in Japanese calligraphy.

How wonderful that the calligraphy we taught in the Netherlands is transmitted across the Dutch border to Guatemala.

This is one of the things we would like to do in the Netherlands.


In the coming era, there will be no need for borders.

We would like to share the charm and good aspects of Japanese culture with everyone in the world.

Won't you connect with authentic Japanese culture through us?

Japanse thee meister 3_2


Specialist of

Japanese Calligraphy

Tea Ceremony


Director Shinji.3_2


Specialist of

Japanese Food

The Abacus

about us

Enjoy a traditional Japanese cultural experience provided by Japanese.

It can be held at our location or at your location.

 Our workshop was introduced on the popular Dutch site "THE SUSHI TIMES" 



Have fun with

family, friends, partner,

or give an experience

as a gift.

Japanese calligraphy workshop

Team Building

You can build

better relationships

through workshops

as you build a team

that can reach your goals.

In-person or Online 



Workshops can also

be held online.

You can enjoy it together

even in a distant place,

in a different country.



We hold

書道 Shodo

(Japanese Calligraphy)


regular lessons, and


private lessons etc.

Botany Painting

It is an art that pastes


real lotus leaves


and linden leaves


on a panel and colors them.

IInk-painting (Sumi-e)

Paint Japanese traditional

Ink-painting on the walls of


houses, shops and offices etc.

Please feel free to ask.

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