Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy (書道: Shodo)

Japanese Calligraphy is called Shodo in Japanese.
In Shodo, Japanese is written beautifully with a traditional brush (Fude) and ink (Sumi).

Under the guidance of our master instructor, who holds the highest rank in Japanese calligraphy, you experience the art of Japanese calligraphy.

Dressed in traditional Japanese attire, our instructor not only teaches you the technical skills necessary for Japanese calligraphy but also imparts the cultural significance of each stroke and character, enriching your learning experience.

Trial lessons (3 times)

Japanese calligraphy trial lesson

Experience the Art of Japanese Calligraphy with Our Exclusive Calligraphy Trial Lessons for Beginners!
Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Japanese calligraphy with our specially designed trial lessons for beginners, welcoming guests to discover the graceful art form of traditional Japanese writing.
In your very first lesson, you learn the essentials of Japanese calligraphy through the practice of

“Eiji Happou (永字八法) *the eight basic strokes”

that are crucial for mastering Japanese calligraphy.
This method is not only effective but also an excellent way for beginners to start their calligraphy practice.
The following two lessons integrate you into our regular group lessons, where you continue to refine your skills and understanding of this art form.
Join us and let the journey of your brush begin!

*Regular lessons can be attended after completing the trial lessons.

3 times €70 (60 mins. per time)

Regular lessons

Regular lessons (60 mins.) are held on Saturdays.

The theme for each writing varies each time.
The instructor guides you through the writting process step by step.

Participation is available in-person or online.

1 time ticket €18
5 times tickets €85
10 times tickets €160

We also offer customized private lessons (60 mins.) based on your preferences, such as writing your name in Kanji or writing special words.
It can be held on your preference date and time.

Private lesson 2 times tickets

Japanese calligraphy regular lesson


Japanese calligraphy workshop

The workshop is recommended for those who want to experience Japanese calligraphy.

You can also request for a workshop as a gift for you, for a friend or family member, or to use the workshop to celebrate special occasions.

€35 p.p. (60 mins.)

The minimum number of participants is 2 persons.
The maximum number of participants is 30 persons.

We can hold it at your location or at our location.
*An additional fee for expenses is required when held at your location.

Event/Festival/Team building

How about workshops for a large group: a festival, a corporate event, a museum event, or a school event?
A Japanese calligraphy workshop is a great idea to incorporate in your event program.

The minimum number of participants is 2 persons.
The maximum number of participants is 30 persons.

The price varies depending on the number of participants, the duration, and the location of the event.

Please let us know your preferences and we will provide you with an estimate.

We can accommodate large gatherings for events as well. We kunnen ook grote bijeenkomsten voor evenementen verzorgen.


At the festival, everyone's name is changed into Japanese character (Kanji) and written in Japanese calligraphy.

At events hosted by you, we can create Japanese calligraphy artworks for invited guests.

Our artist changes the guests’ names into Japanese characters and creates the artwork right before their eyes.
These unique artworks, created exclusively for your guests, arr guaranteed to bring delight.

Please let us know your preferences and we will provide you with an estimate.

We can also participate in your event as sellers or Japanese calligraphy artists.


How about requesting for Japanese calligraphy artworks as a gift for you, for your family, friends, and loved ones?

We change your name into Japanese characters and then create an artwork by writing it in Japanese calligraphy.

We can also create artworks based on your request, for instance

・Wall painting etc.

Japanese calligraphy as a gift

Types of materials available/Request

Hanging scroll (Short)
Paper material Hanging scroll short (30×70mm)
Hanging scroll (Long)
Paper material Hanging scroll Long (40×123mm)
Japanese calligraphy thin paper
Japanese calligraphy paper (thin)
Rectangle thick paper (Pink)
Japanese calligraphy thick paper Pink
Rectangle thick paper (White)
Paper material Japanese thick paper White (242×272mm)

Purchase of tools

Japanese calligraphy tools

We also sell Japanese calligraphy tools.
We have a wide selection of brushes, ink, and other tools.

・Small brush €15~
・Middle brush €20~
・Ink €10~
・Ink stone €20~
・Calligraphy paper €15~
・Paper weight €15~ etc.

・Starter sets (€120~).

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.